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COVID-19--Flint Community Schools Update (October 23, 2020)

October 23, 2020

Dear Families –

In an effort to continue creating synergy during difficult times, we wanted to provide an update on the learning plans we are considering for the remainder of the 2020-21 school year.
At Flint Community Schools, the safety and well-being of our school community is our primary concern and we continue to rely on the recommendations of medical and public health professionals to make informed decisions. According to the Genesee County Health Department, since October 16, there have been 49 new positive cases in Genesee County. The positivity rate on September 20 was 2.1%. On October 1, the positivity rate was 4.3%. The current positivity rate in Genesee County is now 6.5%, which is a significant factor in our discussions surrounding our learning options moving forward.

To that end, we are currently exploring three potential learning plans for moving forward. These learning plans were shared with our Governance Board last week.
  • Plan A: Continue to learn online until further notice
  • Plan B: Only certain grades will return to school in phases, with the goal of allowing scholars who choose to learn face-to-face to do so
  • Plan C: All grade levels will return to school in phases, with the goal of allowing scholars who choose to learn face- to-face to do so
Families who have chosen to stay online for the remainder of the 2020-21 school year will be able to remain online. In all scenarios, we will ensure a safe learning plan is in place, designed to protect the health and well-being of our school community, while maintaining a commitment to excellence in academics, transparent communications and a whole child approach to education. This includes an option for a designated deep clean day in school buildings if we select the hybrid approach for students, personal protective equipment, shared guidelines for contained classrooms, and issuing devices or learning packets.

These plans were developed by FCS administrators and shared with the Board of Education for consideration. We are also working collaboratively and sharing these plans with administrators, teachers, paraprofessionals and union representatives. Finally, we have gathered input through surveys issued to parents to ensure we are listening to your goals and desires.
The plans are designed to be nimble. We will continue to respond to the ever-changing environment and put the health and safety our school community first. We also welcome your continued feedback as we move forward and thank you for your patience in this continued partnership.

Mrs. Anita J. Steward


Other Communication: 

Please see this letter on the Board of Education voting results to approve school consolidations.https://4.files.edl.io/1f4e/07/09/20/211627-4374d9fa-ccfc-4f09-9cf0-dada954c4182.pdf

Please take a look at the letter below from Interim Superintendent Steward. The district would like to thank all parents, staff, and students for their continued commitment. Stay safe, and enjoy your summer.: https://4.files.edl.io/048e/07/29/20/011810-21f54813-9705-464e-b636-13e1b3f0ce98.pdf

Please see this letter on the commencement details for Southwestern Classical Academy and Accelerated Learning Academy, which will take place on Tuesday, June 2: https://4.files.edl.io/6ccd/05/26/20/142948-465d0bc5-b73e-4789-b770-f9eb191cb220.pdf 
A reminder regarding May intersession, from Tuesday, May 26 through Friday, May 29, following the Memorial Day holiday on Monday. https://4.files.edl.io/7af2/05/20/20/133422-ce86fbf0-b63f-4c32-b94d-da74c20d66b7.pdf
Flint Community Schools Distance Learning Plan can be accessed here: https://4.files.edl.io/d14e/04/24/20/215045-c3312fb7-1839-4af7-932e-6d4f7b438f45.pdf
Flint Community Schools Online Physical Education: https://sites.google.com/flintschools.org/fcs-pe-online-workouts/home
Comcast has extended their COVID-19 response to June 30. See more information here: https://4.files.edl.io/eb57/05/12/20/002952-89d33e83-2737-4587-9876-47ee48a5ee00.pdf
Please see Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) as of Friday, April 24 here: https://4.files.edl.io/c709/04/24/20/214915-8233dcec-cb54-4ee6-9069-f27b6538a358.pdf 
A parent letter from Interim Superintendent Anita Steward as of Friday, April 24 can be viewed here: https://4.files.edl.io/b807/04/24/20/214939-36cdb085-cb15-45ab-8d59-f8c2d05b1c74.pdf
Details regarding employee remote work, beginning Monday, April 13: https://4.files.edl.io/23e6/04/13/20/131853-367f7704-dbc1-4a99-b807-79b41d01f42f.pdf 
View the revised food distribution letter from Assistant Superintendent Anita Steward: https://4.files.edl.io/73ac/04/13/20/132153-34063359-a5c7-40f5-adb5-4fe6a16a6baa.pdf
A message to seniors in high school:
An updated parent letter regarding the Governor's March 23 executive order is available here:

The full District Contingency Plan for COVID-19 School Closure is available here: https://4.files.edl.io/f915/03/14/20/005516-abf938c1-c42c-40f7-bca9-2d8729d310b3.pdf

Visit this link to view a March 13 letter from Superintendent Derrick Lopez: https://www.flintschools.org/apps/pages/index.jsp?uREC_ID=448678&type=d&pREC_ID=1851121

For information related to asthma and COVID-19, visit this link: https://4.files.edl.io/aed9/04/27/20/134827-e24d54a3-0f35-49cd-98dc-afd958c77b7a.pdf 

To access Superintendent Steward's July 16 parent communication, click here: https://4.files.edl.io/a888/08/19/20/193840-485a8020-20fb-4145-bd46-e31ba3b8205c.pdf

To access Superintendent Steward's July 31 parent communication, click here: https://4.files.edl.io/d663/08/19/20/193723-e4ac1f5a-a349-4c84-9a31-b10137cc2b79.pdf 

To read Superintendent Steward's August 13 parent communication on technology updates, visit this link: https://4.files.edl.io/e26a/08/19/20/194256-6135293f-4c1a-4d1a-bd05-9fa3d7495d4a.pdf

To read Superintendent Steward August 24 updates for all technology needs and next steps for students online learning, visit this link: https://4.files.edl.io/2732/08/24/20/203908-6aab91f6-c8db-4fb5-a2ed-ca7c13c188bf.pdf

To read more information on Flint Community Schools suspending fall sports on August 25, visit this link: https://4.files.edl.io/2dbe/08/25/20/184233-fccc7239-8889-4d68-b721-c3535fe9e646.pdf

To read Superintendent Steward September 1 updates on water filtration stations, visit this link: https://4.files.edl.io/c466/09/02/20/143025-92e3dae3-29f1-46fe-af7a-3bd7ddb8c1b1.pdf

To read Superintendent Steward regarding Count Day—Wednesday, October 7, visit this link: https://4.files.edl.io/f5b5/10/07/20/140254-315181ed-d72d-41e8-903a-87af2bb11532.pdf

To read more information on Flint Community Schools updated learning options for the remainder of the 2020-21 school year on October 23, visit this link: https://4.files.edl.io/1309/10/23/20/171418-a93d4fb8-8558-4647-b65c-ef7a329f128c.pdf