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FCS Safe Return and Recovery Plan

August 13, 2020

Dear Families:

Thank you for your continued engagement and support. Last week, we welcomed our families back for our firstever
virtual start to school and we were pleased to see students begin to get connected across all grade levels.

We know many of our families rely on devices from the district in order to learn and succeed. For families who
recently made a request for a device or hotspot who have not yet received one, it will be available for pick-up no
later than Friday, August 14. Though we surveyed families throughout the summer to assess the need, there is a
higher need for hotspots than earlier reported, and we appreciate your patience.

If your child needs a device or hotspot and you have not yet requested one, please contact your school directly to
schedule an appointment to pick up your technology. Appointment hours will vary by school. We have made several
attempts to reach those families who have enrolled their child but have not received devices. If you or anyone you
know has not been contacted by an FCS staff member, we may not have your phone number on file. We are eager
to begin working with your child and encourage you to contact your school immediately or email

The district will not penalize students for attendance while they await a Chromebook, iPad or hotspot, so long as
these families contact their school directly to inform them of the need. When placing this call, families can check
in with a teacher, paraprofessional, or staff member in order to receive assignments that count toward

We are also committed to ensuring your child’s technology is safe for use. While online learning provides many
opportunities, we understand there are also safety precautions we must take—such as ensuring that each
Chromebook or iPad that goes home with a student has a safeguard license applied by our IT department. While
this process requires additional time, it is another way we are providing for the safety of our students.
While this school year is unlike any other, I am confident that with your support, we will be successful together.
Please continue to monitor your email, phone and our district website for updates: www.FlintSchools.org.

Your partner in education,

Mrs. Anita J. Steward



July 31, 2020

Dear Families,

While this has been unlike any summer in history, I hope you have been able to enjoy some time with friends and loved ones in the beautiful Michigan weather. I wanted to take a moment to remind you that the first day of school is next week – Wednesday, August 5. Flint Community Schools plans to return exclusively for online instruction, with in-person classes tentatively scheduled to begin on Monday, September 14. However, the district will be evaluating the situation during the month of August and monitoring the Governor’s executive order for consideration of returning to in-person class or continuing online. Teachers will proactively reach out to families on Tuesday to help build a solid relationship in advance of online instruction starting and to advise of your child’s class schedule, as daily attendance will be required.

If you have not already, you should also expect to hear from your child’s school principal in the coming days with more information for the first day of instruction. Even in the face of continued uncertainty surrounding the COVID pandemic, we remain committed to providing excellence in academics and a whole-child approach to your child’s education.

To that end, our teachers will receive training in online learning so that they are prepared to lead our students in informative and engaging lessons. The training sessions will continue throughout August and we are grateful for the professionals who support our student outcomes.

I am eager to reconnect with you over the next several weeks and look forward to an energized school year. To ensure a strong start, I encourage you to visit our district website www.FlintSchools.org for our full Safe Return and Recovery plan and FAQ. If you still have questions, please email me at superintendent@flintschools.org.

Thank you for your ongoing commitment to FCS and for serving as our partner in your child’s education.

Your partner in education,

Mrs. Anita J. Steward




July 16, 2020

The Flint Community Schools district today announced plans for a return to in-person learning in the fall, prioritizing the health and safety of the school community. In keeping with the Governor’s guidelines, the potential learning environments include face-to-face instruction, hybrid learning and virtual instruction. The district intends to return for virtual instruction on Wednesday, August 5, with in-person instruction beginning on Monday, September 14, unless the Governor announces a change in guidance for schools. However, any parent or guardian who prefers to continue with virtual learning instead of face-to-face instruction will have the option to choose virtual learning.  

Unique to Flint Community Schools and reflective of the district’s commitment to Community Education, the Safe Return and Recovery Plan includes protocols for Whole Child and Family Support in each of the potential learning environments.

“Our plan is centered around a safe reopening of Flint Community Schools, designed to protect the health and well-being of our school community while maintaining a commitment to excellence in academics, transparent communications and a whole child approach to education,” said Superintendent Anita Steward. “I am grateful for the diverse group of administrators, teachers, paraprofessionals, Board of Education members, community partners and parents who came together to help us develop this comprehensive plan. Despite the ever-changing circumstances, I am confident we will be ready to provide our students with a high-quality education and the wraparound supports they rely on in the fall.”

The three learning environments are as follows:

  • Face-to-face instruction: A traditional approach to student learning where students attend school in-person each day. Bus transportation will be available, but ridership may be reduced day-to-day and students may be assigned to seats. Sanitizer will be available when students enter the bus and buses will be sanitized between routes each day, with deep cleaning daily.
  • Hybrid learning: A combination of face-to-face and virtual learning, with students reporting to school on select days or during select periods of time.
  • Virtual instruction: Online learning through a laptop or computer. Students attend school at a remote location while teachers lead virtual lesson plans. Daily attendance, grades and reporting will still be required, just as they are during in-person learning.

Parents and guardians interested in full-time virtual learning will need to complete the Virtual Learning Consent Form by Wednesday, August 5. To do so, families can schedule an appointment with Centralized Enrollment by calling 810-767-6158 or visiting www.FlintSchools.org and clicking on the Centralized Enrollment page.

All parents and guardians should consider their options and choose what is best for their family.

Teachers and students will engage through live lessons daily, whether through in-person, hybrid, or virtual instruction. In all three environments, student progress will be evaluated through common assessments, work samples and meeting course standards. The FCS athletic department is planning for youth sports for elementary and secondary levels to begin in the fall of 2020-21, while adhering to state and local guidelines. FCS will adhere to mandates from the Michigan High School Athletic Association for outdoor and indoor athletic programs.

As outlined in the Governor’s 2020-21 Return to School Roadmap, students and staff are required to wear facial coverings unless they are unable to medically tolerate such coverings, if harmed/injured or during meals. The district is also developing plans to limit student movement in hallways, during meal times, on playgrounds and other highly concentrated areas while promoting social distancing during the school day. 

The FCS Safe Return and Recovery Plan was developed by the District Reopening Committee, a group of administrators, teachers, paraprofessionals, staff, community partners, Board of Education members, union representatives and parents, to ensure a safe reopening of schools. The group methodically followed Opportunity Labs’ “Return to School Roadmap” in the development of the plan. Subcommittees gathered throughout the summer to focus on planning specific to wellness, instruction, finance, governance and communications, operations and facilities, while also gathering input from parents, staff and students through online and phone surveys. For more information on the Safe Return and Recovery Plan and frequently asked questions, please visit www.FlintSchools.org.  


To access the press release, visit this link: https://4.files.edl.io/496c/07/16/20/145010-fcd56ce9-f25b-4fef-abf6-8e1e0960c16a.pdf

To access the full plan, see here: https://4.files.edl.io/8c6d/07/16/20/122505-ff3608bd-cc06-4acd-9adc-e256302ab56f.pdf

To access the FAQ, click here: https://www.flintschools.org/apps/news/article/1254818 

To access Superintendent Steward's July 16 parent communication, click here: https://4.files.edl.io/a888/08/19/20/193840-485a8020-20fb-4145-bd46-e31ba3b8205c.pdf

To access Superintendent Steward's July 31 parent communication, click here: https://4.files.edl.io/d663/08/19/20/193723-e4ac1f5a-a349-4c84-9a31-b10137cc2b79.pdf 

To read Superintendent Steward's August 13 parent communication on technology updates, visit this link: https://4.files.edl.io/e26a/08/19/20/194256-6135293f-4c1a-4d1a-bd05-9fa3d7495d4a.pdf