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MOU Flint Education Continuum

April 28, 2021

Dear Families –

As your Superintendent, my vision for Flint Community Schools is for every student who graduates and walks across the stage to have the same pride and preparation for success that I had when I walked the halls as a student. My vision is for people to come from around the world to see what's happening in Flint, and for our district to serve as a model once again for the nation.

Building upon the glory days of Flint Community Schools, will require bold action and strong partnerships. As you may have heard, Flint Community Schools has been in discussion with a variety of partners for a few years regarding a Flint Education Continuum—a project to develop and expand the framework for an education pathway in Flint that ranges from birth to college and career. The discussions are continuing to evolve as input is gathered from a variety of stakeholders, and nothing has been formalized yet, but we will ensure that there is clear communication with our community.

To that end, over the past several months, FCS parents, teachers, community leaders and members of the central administration team have contributed to the development of our new Strategic Plan. As part of this work, various sub- committees reviewed stakeholder feedback and gathered the district data needed to inform the plan. Special considerations were also made for the most urgent and longstanding needs of our district. We also held multiple open forums this month to invite input from staff, scholars, Board members, parents, and members of the community on the Strategic Plan. We are extremely grateful to all who participated in those discussions and look forward to incorporating many of the thoughtful recommendations.

Our next step is to seek Board approval and begin implementing the plan as we seek to continue to support the academic, social and emotional growth of the scholars we are privileged to serve. With our schools at the heart of the Flint community, we will continue to welcome input and support from community stakeholders. Our goal is to put the “community” in “Flint Community Schools.”

We remain highly optimistic about our future and look forward to collaborating on the strategic plan that will guide our efforts. Flint Community Schools will continue to leverage its partnerships to do what is best for scholars. We will continue our conversations with the different partnerships listed in the Flint Education Continuum to make the Continuum (MOU) what the Board of Education, Staff, Parents and Community would like to see. If and when it is approved by the Board of Education and the partners listed, The Flint Education Continuum will be imbedded in the work of the Strategic Plan.


Your partner in education,

Anita Steward


Flint Community Schools



Please read this family letter from Superintendent Steward on the MOU Flint Education Continuum: https://4.files.edl.io/2d2f/04/28/21/230850-fb150166-6685-4dce-a995-f75028c6d231.pdf