A Thank You from Flint Community Schools


923 E. Kearsley Street    Flint, Michigan  48503    Email: [email protected]

May 5, 2023

Dear Flint Families,

Flint Community Schools and its scholars, families, teachers, staff, partners and neighbors have always demonstrated a high level of resilience amid ever-changing and difficult situations. This is what makes the Flint community so incredible. Flint is my home – I grew up here, graduated from here and proudly serve this district and its stakeholders. This is a responsibility that I do not take lightly, and I hope that you can all see my ambitions and vision at work here today.

This week, we made a big ask of our scholars and families by implementing a ban on backpacks across the district. We understand that this is an inconvenience and completely alters the day-to-day operations of our scholars, families and teachers, but we knew that our community would understand the need for this policy amid safety concerns. We are pleased and grateful that we did not have any issues with backpacks this week, thanks to your commitment to the district. Please continue to follow this protocol for the remainder of the school year.

We know there is an influx of negativity surrounding the district, whether that is out in the community, on social media or in the news. We are working with the Board of Education, our community partners and key stakeholders to address these issues and, as a result, build a stronger Flint Community Schools. We continue to elevate the positive stories happening in our district every single day, such as our 72 Flint Southwestern Classical Academy and Accelerated Learning Academy scholars announcing their post-graduation plans and the historic renovations at Doyle-Ryder Elementary. There is so much more to share, so stay tuned for additional positive stories from our team.

In the weeks ahead, we look forward to celebrating Teacher Appreciation Week, hosting hands-on learning events and preparing for graduation. In our classrooms, scholars are building the skills necessary for them to become lifelong learners, and teachers are going above and beyond to support the needs of scholars and families. I know firsthand the incredible things that are happening across our district, and I invite you to join me in sharing the positive with the greater Flint community – whether that is on social media, at a Board meeting or even just in conversations with your family and friends.

As your school district, we are entrusted with the safety and growth of those we serve – the children and families of Flint. We take this responsibility very seriously, and I want to assure families that we are making intentional and well-informed decisions to ensure that we are creating secure, positive environments where scholars can thrive academically. This requires a partnership, and I want to personally thank you for your flexibility and commitment. We will finish the school year strong while simultaneously building for a better tomorrow for Flint’s scholars and families – both present and future. As always, my goal is our success, and we will not let you down.

Educationally Yours,

Kevelin Jones, Superintendent