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Athletic Department


Flint Sports: Be part of something bigger.

Welcome to Flint Community Schools Athletics! We offer the following sports:



Fall Sports

  • Girls’ Volleyball
  • Girls’ Golf
  • Boys’ Football
  • Boys’ Soccer
  • Boys’ Tennis

Winter Sports

  • Girls’ Basketball
  • Girls’ Bowling
  • Boys’ Basketball
  • Boys’ Bowling
  • Wrestling



Fall/Winter Sports

  • Girls’ Volleyball
  • Girls’ Basketball
  • Girls’ Soccer
  • Boys’ Basketball
  • Boys’ Football

Spring Sports

  • Girls’ Softball
  • Girls’ Soccer
  • Girls’ Tennis
  • Boys’ Baseball
  • Boys’ Golf
  • Track and Field


Participation Fast Facts

  • There is no charge to participate
  • Pre-participation physical exams are provided at the school at a small charge
  • We also offer sideline, non-competitive cheering for all sports
  • The school provides a trainer and physical therapy
  • High school coaches work with middle schoolers to build skills
  • You must have good attendance to participate
  • You must maintain a 2.0 GPA to participate
  • You cannot participate in or attend a game if you’ve been suspended


A note from Athletic Director Jamie Foster


Why play sports?

Sports are a rehearsal for real life. Whether you’re a superstar or a core player, you’re experiencing the power of camaraderie and team support, and that’s an important part of life. It doesn’t matter if you’re running a business, teaching in a school or working in a factory, you will be working with other people. Sports teaches you how to be on a team. Sports teaches respect—for yourself and others.

Did you know that most athletes have better grades than the general population? Juggling practice with academics teaches you time management, another important skill whether you go to college or right into the workforce. And, of course, sports are great for your health—both mental and physical.

I challenge you to challenge yourself. Come join a team! Everyone is welcome, at every skill level. Sports can be life-changing. Experience the change.

For more information, contact Athletic Director Jamie Foster at 810-760-1400 or [email protected]