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It is your responsibility to ensure that your children attend school regularly and arrive on time. Here are some helpful reminders.

  • Make daily school attendance a priority in the home.
  • Make sure the school has your current contact information on file, including a list of adults to contact in the event of an emergency.
  • Notify the school immediately if there is a change in your contact information.
  • If your child will be absent, contact the school to let them know.
  • Familiarize yourself with the attendance/tardy policy and procedures as listed in the Code for Student Conduct.
  • Contact your child’s teachers for make-up assignments and missed classwork.
  • A doctor’s verification, court documentation, or obituary is required in order for an absence to be excused.



Some rules and reminders:

  • Attend school daily and be on time!
  • Attend all classes and participate fully.
  • Follow the attendance/tardy policy and procedures as listed in the Code for Student Conduct.
  • If you’ve been absent, contact your teachers as soon as you’re back to make up assignments.
  • You have five (5) school days from the date of your absence to make up work, regardless of whether your absence was excused or unexcused.



You are responsible for implementing the attendance/tardy policies of the Flint Community Schools, as follows:

  • Ensure that school staff follows attendance/tardy procedures and protocol.
  • Run and review daily and weekly attendance reports to ensure attendance is accurate and taken on a daily basis.
  • Identify students who require attendance services for absences or tardiness.
  • Follow up as needed with parent/legal guardian(s) regarding attendance issues.
  • Review and respond to specific requests for exceptions to policy.



Follow the district’s attendance/tardy policy procedures, as follows:

  • Stress to your students the importance of regular, prompt attendance.
  • Reinforce this message by setting a positive example.
  • Enter hourly attendance into computer system to ensure accurate records.
  • Notify designated school personnel daily of student absences and truancy.
  • Contact parent/legal guardian(s) as instructed in the district's attendance policy.



Flint Community Schools District recognizes the importance of excellent attendance and charges each school with developing an attendance incentive program to promote a standard of excellent student attendance.



What’s considered tardy and what’s an absence?

Tardy: A student arriving from one minute up to one hour after the morning instructional bell rings is considered tardy. Five (5) tardies equals one (1) school day absence.

Absence: A student arriving one hour after the morning instructional bell rings but before lunch will be marked absent for a 1/2 day. A student arriving after the afternoon lunch bell will be marked absent a full day. A student who comes in the morning but leaves any time before lunch break will be marked absent a full day. If the student leaves after lunch break, it will be considered a 1/2 school day absence.

Early Removal: Any unauthorized removal of a student by a parent/legal guardian(s) after the lunch bell, but before the dismissal bell will be considered an early removal. Five early removals will equal a 1/2 day absence.

Note: A pattern of consistent tardiness and early removal should be dealt with by school staff intervention and the possibility of filing an educational neglect petition with the Genesee County Family Court for a referral to Attendance Court.