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What is Montessori?

Montessori education uses teaching and learning methods that differ from a traditional classroom approach. Montessori programs offer students the opportunity to learn:

  • At their own pace and enjoy freedom within limits
  • From each other in a multi-age classroom
  • With hands-on materials, moving from concrete to abstract concepts
  • With a teacher in a classroom environment that follows kids’ natural curiosity

Flint Community Schools has partnered with a community group, Montessori for Flint, to provide exceptional learning experiences. For more information on Montessori education, visit Montessori for Flint’s website at


Flint’s Montessori Elementary (K-4)

Flint Community Schools offers an application-based kindergarten through third grade Montessori program that is free and open to any student living in Genesee County.

Flint’s Montessori Elementary is housed within Durant Tuuri Mott Elementary as a “school within a school” and taught by teachers certified in Montessori elementary education.

Applications for Flint’s 2021-2022 Montessori Elementary program are available now, deadline for applications will be early summer 2021. Applications are available at and at the Office of Centralized Enrollment, located at the Flint Community Schools Administration Building at 923 E. Kearsley St.

To request more information, please visit or call the Supervisor of Early Literacy and Numeracy at (810) 760-5260.


Flint Montessori Preschool

Flint Community Schools offers a Montessori pre-kindergarten program for four-year-olds through the Great Start Readiness Program (GSRP). Eligibility for the GSRP pre-kindergarten program follows state guidelines.

To register

  • Pre-register at or by calling (810) 591-KIDS.
  • Select Flint Community Schools-Durant Tuuri Mott Elementary GSRP as your preferred option.
  • Call our Early Childhood Coordinator at (810) 767-8018 once you have taken that step so we can guide you through the remaining process.