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Make daily school attendance a priority in the home.


It is the responsibility of parent/legal guardian(s) to ensure that their children attend school regularly and

arrive on time.


Parent/legal guardian(s) are required to provide their current home address, telephone number, emergency

number(s), and a list of adults to contact in the event of an emergency.


Parent/legal guardian(s) are to notify the school immediately when a change occurs in address, telephone

number, emergency numbers, and emergency contact information. Student’s contact information needs to

be current in order for schools to deal with any emergency that may arise.


When a student is absent from school, parent/legal guardian(s) must contact the school to report the



Be aware of the attendance/tardy policy and procedures as listed in the Code for Student Conduct.


Parent/legal guardian(s) are expected to make immediate contact with teachers for make-up assignments

and class work that their children have missed during their absence.


A doctor’s verification, court documentation, or obituary is required in order for an absence to be excused.



Students must attend school daily and be on time.


Students must attend all classes and participate fully.


Students must be aware and follow the attendance/tardy policy and procedures as listed in the Code for

Student Conduct.


Students are expected to make immediate contact upon return with their teachers to make up assignments

and class work they have missed during their absence whether excused or unexcused. Upon returning to

class, the student has five (5) school days from the date of the absence to make-up work. Any deviations

from this policy are at the principal’s discretion.



Principal/designee is responsible for implementing the attendance/tardy policies of the Flint Community



Principal/designee is responsible for the school’s attendance services, assuring that school staff follows

attendance/tardy procedures and protocol.


Principal/designee will review attendance of students’ daily and run weekly attendance reports to ensure

that attendance is accurate and being taken on a daily basis.


Principal/designee must ensure follow-through as needed, including phone and written communication to

parent/legal guardian(s) regarding attendance issues.


Principal/designee is responsible for identifying students who require attendance services for absences or




Follow the district’s attendance/tardy policy procedures and protocol including contacting parent/legal

guardian(s) as defined in the district's attendance policy.


Enter hourly attendance into computer attendance system on a daily basis to ensure accurate attendance and

tardy records.


Notify designated school personnel of student absences and instances of truancy on a daily basis for

investigation and follow-up.


Continually stress to students the importance of promptness and regular attendance in educational and

business matters and set a positive example through their own contact with classes.



We realize that students occasionally will have a reason to be absent from school. However, these occurrences

should be the exception rather than the rule. The following procedures will be used when dealing with



After four (4) unexcused absences from school, the teacher will notify the parent by phone or mail of

the absences.


At the sixth (6) unexcused absences from school, the teacher will send a letter by the U.S. mail

informing the parent/legal guardian(s) of unexcused absences and requesting a parent conference.

Students will be referred to the student assistance team for possible intervention.


The teacher will notify the principal/designee in writing when a student has eight (8) unexcused

absences. The principal/designee will send a written notice of the attendance concerns to the

parent/legal guardian(s) and schedule a parent conference. A student intervention referral form will be

completed at this time, and the student will be referred to the Student Facilitators or Behavioral



After twelve (12) unexcused absences, the parent/legal guardian(s) and the school personnel will have a

conference concerning the student’s attendance problems. The parent will be informed at that time of

the possibility of an educational neglect petition being filed if the attendance problem is not corrected.


If a student reaches fifteen (15) unexcused absences, the parent/legal guardian(s) name may be

submitted to the Genesee County Prosecutor’s Office for possible prosecution with two (2), - ninety

(90) days of jail time based upon the Michigan Compulsory Attendance Law, or the school will initiate

a truancy/educational neglect petition with the Genesee County Family Court.



• Tardy: If a student arrives one (1) minute after the morning instructional bell rings up to an hour after

the instructional bell rings, the student will be considered tardy. Five (5) tardies equals Ч school day



• Absence: A student arriving one (1) hour after the morning instructional bell rings, but before lunch

will be marked absent for a 1/2 day. A student arriving after the afternoon lunch bell will be marked

absent a full day. A student who comes in the morning, but leaves any time before lunch break will be

marked absent a full day. If the student leaves after lunch break, it will be considered a 1/2 school day



• Any unauthorized removal of a student by a parent/legal guardian(s) after the lunch bell, but before the

dismissal bell will be considered an early removal. Five (5) early removals will equal a 1/2 day absence.


• A pattern of consistent tardiness and early removal should be dealt with by school staff intervention and

the possibility of filing an educational neglect petition with the Genesee County Family Court for a

referral to Attendance Court.


Each school will develop an incentive program to recognize and promote good attendance.



1) The importance of excellent attendance is recognized by the Flint Community Schools District and

therefore, each school is charged with developing an attendance incentive program which will

recognize and promote a standard of excellent student attendance. (A letter from the Superintendent

could be a starting point of this program)


2) Unexcused Absence: An unexcused absence is arrival to the class after the first thirty (30) minutes

of the class period or failure to remain in the class for at least fifty (50) minutes unless a valid pass

(principal, assistant principal, counselor, or teacher) is provided.


a) The parent/legal guardian(s) are to be contacted on the fourth (4) unexcused absences by the

teacher. This contact will be made by telephone or U.S. mail by the teacher.


b) At the sixth (6) unexcused absences, the principal/designee will send a letter via U.S. mail further

stressing the seriousness of the child’s attendance problem. The student will be referred to the

Student Assistant Team for possible intervention.


c) At the eighth (8) unexcused absences, a parent conference will be scheduled. The Department of

Student Services will be contacted, and referrals will be completed at this time.


d) At the twelfth (12) unexcused absences, the parent/legal guardian(s) will be notified by mail that the

student is in jeopardy of his/her grade being lowered after three (3) more absences.


e) Any student reaching fifteen (15) unexcused absences in any class will have his/her grade lowered

one (1) letter grade.


f) Students under the age of sixteen (16), who have exceeded the fifteen (15) absences and are not

making any effort to improve his or her attendance, will be referred to the Staff Assistant for the

Department of Student Services, to initiate a petition for truancy with the Genesee County Family



g) The following are excused absences from class and do not count towards the total number of



1) School-related activities (e.g., field trips)

2) Suspensions (both in-school and out-of-school)

3) Administrative or counselor initiated meetings

4) Documented court appointments

5) Illnesses verified by a physician’s note

6) Death of an immediate family member (mother, father, brother, sister, grandparent); a

maximum of three (3) school days will be excused with an obituary to verify death.


Prolonged absences due to illness or other extenuating circumstances will be addressed on an

individual basis. Any appeals concerning absences would be processed through the assistant



h) Failure to attend school on a regular basis may be used as a criterion for the student

being retained in his/her present grade.


3) The district realizes the seriousness of a student being late to class.



Students must be in the classroom and in their seats when the tardy bell rings. A pass from a valid school

staff member (principal, assistant principal, teacher, or counselor) is the only way tardiness can be excused.

The teacher will handle the first two (2) tardies per class per semester.


• 3rd Tardy = Referral to the counselor/assistant principal for parent notification.

• 4th Tardy = One absence parent conference with teacher.

• 5th –7th Tardy = Referral to the assistant principal for disciplinary action (detention).

• 8th Tardy = One absence parent conference with principal.


When a student is tardy four (4) times, it will equal one (1) absence. If the tardiness continues and the

student is under the age of sixteen (16) years old, a truancy/educational neglect petition will be initiated

with the Genesee County Family Court and be referred to Attendance Court.


This policy needs to be posted in the school office, and each semester it will be reviewed by school

administrators with all students.


Each building may establish an in-school suspension and/or detention program to accommodate students

who have been suspended for truancy, tardiness, and/or skipping.


Every student who has had attendance-related problems in the previous semester will be required to

participate in an orientation session with their parents.


Late students will not be permitted to enter the building after third (3) hours begins without producing a

doctor’s appointment slip, a court appearance document, or a parent/legal guardian(s). The parent/ legal

guardian must sign the student into the building.