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DTM Montessori

DTM Montessori


What is Montessori?Child with teacher

Montessori education uses different teaching and learning methods than a traditional classroom. Montessori programs offer students the opportunity to learn:

  • At their own pace and enjoy freedom within limits
  • From each other in a multi-age classroom
  • With hands-on materials, moving from concrete to abstract concepts
  • With a teacher in a classroom environment that follows kids’ natural curiosity


Flint Community Schools has partnered with a community group, Montessori for Flint, to provide exceptional learning experiences. For more information on Montessori education, visit Montessori for Flint’s website at www.FlintMontessori.org.

Flint’s Montessori Elementary (K-4)

Flint Community Schools offers an application-based kindergarten through third grade Montessori program that is free and open to any student living in Genesee County.  Flint’s Montessori Elementary is:

  • Housed within Durant Tuuri Mott Elementary as a “school within a school”
  • Taught by certified teachers who have additional training and experience in Montessori elementary education
  • Free and open to any student living in Genesee County


Applications for Flint’s 2020-2021 Montessori Elementary program are available now, deadline for applications will be early summer 2020. Applications are available at https://www.flintmontessori.org/learn-more.html and at the Office of Centralized Enrollment, located at the Flint Community Schools Administration Building at 923 E. Kearsley St.  

To request more information, please visit www.flintmontessori.org/learn-more.html or call the Supervisor of Early Literacy and Numeracy at 810-760-5260.  

Flint Montessori Preschool

Flint Community Schools offers a Montessori pre-kindergarten program for four-year-olds through the Great Start Readiness Program (GSRP). Eligibility for the GSRP pre-kindergarten program follows state guidelines.

The registration process has several steps. The first step is to pre-register at www.geneseepreschool.org or by calling (810) 591-KIDS. When you do, please be sure to select Flint Community Schools- Durant Tuuri Mott Elementary GSRP as your preferred option. Please call our Early Childhood Coordinator at 810-767-8018 once you have taken that step so we can help you through the remaining process.