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Submission Guidelines

Grant Do's

What types of programs have received a positive response from reviewers?

 In the past, proposals that have won funding have:

  • Emphasized active student learning and participation to broaden the educational experience of the students.
  • Provided multicultural learning experiences.
  • Involved interdisciplinary and/or team-teaching by designing collaborative learning experiences.
  • Involved others in the learning process (parents, peers, student mentors, community).
  • Created partnerships with other school or community groups.
  • Used non-traditional techniques or community resources.
  • Broadened the cooperation between the community and the school.
  • Developed and fostered student's pride in themselves, their school and their community.
  • Become ongoing activities or become permanently integrated into the curriculum. 

Grant Dont's

What generally is not funded?
  • Assemblies
  • Major equipment items
  • Programs/projects the district funds
  • Continuing support to an individual for previously funded
  • Food, beverages and/or school store supplies
  • Classroom sets of the same book

These items might be considered by reviewers if they are integral to the implementation of the entire program. Hypothetical example: The fifth grade social studies classes are dramatizing historical events for an in-school cable TV program. A camcorder is requested in this grant. Other grade levels will use this programming as a kick-off for their lessons in social studies and related disciplines. The requested camcorder, which generally would not be considered, is awarded.

What cannot be funded under the Great Idea Grants?
  • Salaries (an honorarium may be considered*)
  • Staff inservice
  • Materials and supplies normally considered to be the
    responsibility of the school district, i.e., textbooks

*An honorarium may be considered for an outside source but not
an employee of the Flint Community Schools.