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What Happens Next?

What is required of the applicant after a grant proposal is awarded?
When a grant is awarded, the educator or support staff member is required to sign a contract with the Fund's Executive Director. The contract requires the grant recipient to provide financial accounting (with receipts) of all monies spent. Unused monies are to be returned to the Fund. A final report is also required. Forms provided by the Fund will guide the applicant through this process. The final report and financial accounting are due June 30 of the funding period.

When are the funds issued to the grant recipient?
Funds are usually distributed to grant winners in early January. Teacher/support staff award checks are made payable to the teacher/support staff listed as the applicant and may be deposited into their personal checking account.

School awarded checks are made payable directly to the school. The principal or designee then will utilize these funds through the school account. School grant funds may be issued to a special"Great Idea Grant" account so that immediate and direct access may be obtained by the designated person.

It is not advisable to co-mingle the individual teacher award with the school account.