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Welcome Parents!

The mission of your Flint Community Schools is to develop a community of learners, who are prepared to live, work and contribute to an ever-changing society. Flint Community Schools have a long and rich tradition of community education, and our school district offers numerous programs, activities and specialties for students and their parents.

Our goal is to keep you informed with what’s going on in the district, and more specifically with your child or children.

The Flint Board of Education has adopted a parent involvement policy. We know that parents and families are a child’s first teacher. You will find this policy by going to FCS home. clicking on Board of education, then click on board policies,the click on 9000 - General public and organizational relations and then go to 9720. The policy spells out how the Flint Board of Education will support the development, implementation and evaluation of parent involvement programs in all schools.

Below are additional links to several important documents:

Some commonly requested phone numbers

General Information                   810.760.1000

Assistant Superintendent           810.760.1211

Centralized Enrollment               810.767.6158

Learning Support Services          810.767.6134

Student Invention / Safety          810.760.1230

Transportation Services              810.760.1317

Department Directory

Code for Student Code

All of the district schools, as a part of Title I funding, are provided with Parent Facilitators to assist them in achieving their goals and expectations of helping and keeping parents engaged in their child's education. Research shows that children who have parents that regularly attend school events and stay updated on grades and other academic endeavors are more likely to excel in school activities and succeed at a higher level than those children who have parents that are less active when it comes to academia.

  • Click HERE for a list of the district’s Title I Parent Facilitators by building.
  • Click HERE for the Title I Citywide Parent Advisory Council (PAC) Meeting dates.


Helping you stay informed

ParentVUE allows parents to access information from their home computer on information on their child’s assignments and scores, attendance, conference visits, transcripts, graduation status and more. It simplifies home-to-school district communication, offering a single sign-on to view your child or children's information, regardless of school.

Parents and guardians are notified of weather-related closures, emergencies, school events and other information using the district’s telephone parent notification system, known as SchoolReach. The system doesn’t require any registration by the parent. All information and contact numbers are secure and strictly confidential, and are only used for the district notification purposes. Click HERE for more information about SchoolReach.

Bullying prevention resources.