Flint Community Schools Student Services and Centralized Enrollment

Enroll Today...Welcome to Flint Community Schools!

We are here to support you through enrollment and look forward to welcoming your family to Flint Community Schools.

FCS offers various enrollment options for parents and guardians. Enrollment forms can be completed online, downloaded, or in person with an enrollment specialist's assistance.

Enrollment Forms: You can complete the enrollment forms in the way that best suits your needs. These forms can be:

  • Online Form Submission - Filled out online: Access and submit our digital forms electronically for a seamless process.

  • Downloaded PDF forms completed online or by hand.: If you prefer, download the forms from our website, fill them out at your convenience, and submit them.

Submission of Downloaded Completed Forms: Once you have filled out the forms, you can submit them by:

  • Email: Scan and email the completed forms to enrollment@flintschools.org or send records to records@flintschools.org.

  • In-Person or Mail: Submit the forms to our Department of Student Services & Centralized Enrollment at 923 E. Kearsley Street, Flint, MI 48503.

Would you like some help with completing the enrollment packet? We can help!

Parents and guardians can visit the Flint Community Schools Administration Building for in-person assistance. In-person enrollments are available Monday-Thursday from 9 am to 3 pm; you don't need to make an appointment.

  • Do you need help with special services for your child?

  • Do you need assistance determining if your child has had a previous IEP or needs assessment for IEP? In Michigan, the IEP is a written document for students with disabilities between the ages of 3 and 26 years old who receive special education programs and related services.

  • Are you (child/youth) experiencing homelessness? The McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act (McKinney-Vento Act) (42 United States Code § 11431-11435) is federal legislation that ensures the educational rights and protections of children and youth experiencing homelessness. Click here to learn more about the McKinney Vento Act.

In-Person Assistance: If you need assistance or have any questions regarding the enrollment process, our Flint Community Schools Administration Building team is here to help. Please feel free to visit us at the same address mentioned above.

  • Walk-Ins Accepted.

  • In-Person Enrollment Available - No Appointment Needed.

  • Monday-Thursday

  • 9 am - 3 pm

Quick Tips for Enrollment at Flint Community Schools

Centralized Enrollment

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