Flint Community School Board of Education Members

Meet the Flint Board Of Education Members

The Flint Board of Education envisions a future where every scholar thrives, achieves, and contributes to a vibrant and equitable society. As stewards of education, we are committed to cultivating an environment that fosters innovation, inclusivity, and continuous improvement. Our focus is on preparing scholars for today's challenges and tomorrow's dynamic and evolving demands. We strive to empower learners with the skills, knowledge, and resilience to navigate an ever-changing world successfully.

In pursuit of this vision, we are dedicated to embracing cutting-edge educational practices, leveraging technology to enhance learning experiences, and fostering a collaborative community that engages all stakeholders in the educational journey. The future we envision is one where diversity is celebrated, opportunities are abundant, and scholars are equipped to pursue their passions and contribute meaningfully to the global landscape. The Flint Board of Education is poised to lead our community toward a future of educational excellence and limitless possibilities through strategic planning, forward-thinking policies, and a commitment to adaptability.

Together, with a shared commitment to the future, we embark on a journey of innovation, growth, and transformation, ensuring that every scholar under our care is well-prepared for the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

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Michael Clack

Dr. Joyce Ellis-McNeal

In our journey through the Strategic Plan 2022-2027, my vision as president is to harness these four critical pillars - re-energizing, renovating, rebuilding, and repurposing - to foster a transformative educational landscape in Flint.

To re-energize our district, we must first re-ignite our collective passion for education. This means championing a culture where every scholar is engaged and every teacher is empowered. Our focus will be on creating vibrant, dynamic learning environments that inspire curiosity and drive innovation.

Renovation is integral to this vision. Our schools must evolve into spaces that do more than just facilitate learning; they should be incubators for creativity and collaboration. This renovation extends to our approach to education, embracing new technologies and teaching strategies that prepare our students for a rapidly changing world.

In terms of rebuilding, our commitment is to reinforce the bridges between our schools and the Flint community. We recognize the power of community in shaping the educational experience, and we aim to forge strong partnerships that benefit our students and residents alike. This is a step towards creating an inclusive and supportive educational ecosystem.

Repurposing, for me, signifies a strategic and thoughtful utilization of our resources. We are entrusted with the responsibility to ensure that every resource is leveraged to maximize student success. This encompasses not only financial stewardship but also the repurposing of our educational philosophies and practices to be more adaptive and responsive to the needs of our students.

Together, these pillars will steer our path as we endeavor to build a district that is not only exemplary in its educational offerings but also reflective of the strength, diversity, and spirit of Flint. Our mission is clear: to create a future where every student is equipped with the tools, skills, and knowledge to achieve their fullest potential."

Michael Clack

Mr. Michael Clack

In alignment with our Strategic Plan for 2022-2027, we embark on a transformative journey to uplift and advance our district. Our primary goal is to re-energize every aspect of our educational system. This encompasses invigorating our teaching methodologies, igniting a passion for learning among our scholars, and fostering an environment where educators and staff feel valued and inspired.

Renovation is at the forefront of this transformation. We are not just refurbishing our facilities to make them more aesthetically pleasing and functional; we are rethinking how these spaces can be optimized to support innovative and adaptable learning experiences. This renovation extends beyond the physical to include our curriculum, making it more inclusive, engaging, and reflective of the real-world skills our students need.

The rebuilding aspect of our plan focuses on strengthening the connections between our schools and the Flint community. We believe in a collaborative approach, where local businesses, organizations, and families are integral partners in our mission to provide a holistic education. This rebuilding process is also about restoring trust and confidence in our educational system, ensuring transparency and accountability in all our actions.

Lastly, the concept of repurposing underlines our commitment to resourcefulness and sustainability. We are dedicated to utilizing our resources most effectively, ensuring that every decision and investment directly contributes to the betterment of our student's educational experience. This means not only financial resources but also repurposing our approach to education to be more adaptable, resilient, and forward-thinking.

These four pillars – re-energizing, renovating, rebuilding, and repurposing – will guide our actions and decisions as we move forward. Our commitment is to create an educational environment where every scholar can thrive, every teacher can excel, and our community can be proud. This is more than a plan; it is our promise to the future of Flint's education system.

Claudia Perkins

Ms. Claudia Perkins-Milton

As Secretary of the Flint Board of Education, I am deeply dedicated to the transformative journey outlined in our Strategic Plan 2022-2027. With its pillars of RE-ENERGIZING, RENOVATING, REBUILDING, and REPURPOSING, this plan serves as our roadmap for creating an educational system that not only meets today's standards but leads the way into the future.

For me, RE-ENERGIZING is about revitalizing our approach to student engagement and well-being. It’s crucial that we develop programs and initiatives that support not just the academic growth of our students but also their emotional and social development. This holistic approach is crucial in fostering resilient and well-rounded individuals.

The RENOVATING aspect of our strategy extends beyond physical improvements to our facilities. It's about reimagining how these spaces can better support innovative teaching and learning. This includes creating more flexible and technology-rich environments that cater to a variety of learning styles and teaching methods.

REBUILDING focuses on our efforts to enhance and expand our collaborations with local organizations, businesses, and higher education institutions. These partnerships are vital for providing our students with real-world experiences and opportunities, bridging the gap between classroom learning and practical application.

Lastly, REPURPOSING resonates with me as a commitment to reevaluating and optimizing our district's resources. This involves not only fiscal responsibility but also creatively utilizing our talents and assets to provide the best possible educational experiences. We must be strategic in how we allocate our resources, ensuring they directly contribute to student success and district improvement.

Through these guiding principles, I am committed to helping build a district that not only achieves academic excellence but also nurtures a community of lifelong learners and responsible citizens. Our collective efforts will ensure that the Flint Board of Education remains a beacon of innovation and excellence in education."

Dylan Luna

Mr. Dylan Luna

As Treasurer of the Flint Board of Education, I am acutely aware of the critical role that financial stewardship plays in realizing the ambitious goals set forth in our Strategic Plan 2022-2027. The themes of RE-ENERGIZING, RENOVATING, REBUILDING, and REPURPOSING are not just educational concepts but also guiding principles for fiscal responsibility and resource optimization.

From a financial viewpoint, RE-ENERGIZING means investing our funds in initiatives that spark innovation and excellence in our schools. It involves prioritizing expenditures that directly impact student learning and teacher effectiveness, ensuring that every dollar spent translates into tangible educational benefits.

Regarding RENOVATING, my focus is on ensuring that our budget aligns with the need to upgrade and modernize our facilities and technological infrastructure. This involves strategic planning and allocation of resources to create learning environments that are not only safe and secure but also conducive to the demands of 21st-century education.

REBUILDING, for me, underscores the importance of restoring and strengthening the financial health of our district. This involves careful budget management and exploring new funding opportunities, grants, and partnerships that can provide additional financial support to our schools.

Lastly, REPURPOSING in the financial context is about optimizing the use of our existing resources. It’s about being creative and innovative in how we allocate funds, ensuring efficiency and effectiveness in our spending. This also means regularly reassessing our financial strategies to ensure they remain aligned with our district’s evolving needs and priorities.

My commitment as Treasurer is to ensure that the Flint Board of Education is not only fiscally responsible but also forward-thinking in its financial planning. By judiciously managing our resources, we will pave the way for a district that is not just financially stable but also capable of providing a top-tier educational experience for all our scholars.

Laura MacIntyre

Laura MacIntyre

As Assistant Secretary/Treasurer of the Flint Board of Education, I am uniquely positioned to support and enhance our district's vision as outlined in our Strategic Plan 2022-2027. My focus is on harmonizing the dual aspects of my role – aiding in administrative efficiency and financial oversight – to actualize our themes of RE-ENERGIZING, RENOVATING, REBUILDING, and REPURPOSING.

RE-ENERGIZING involves supporting initiatives that bring new life to our administrative processes and educational programs. This means streamlining operations to ensure that our educators have more time and resources to teach and that our students benefit from a more efficient, effective educational system.

When it comes to RENOVATING, my role is to assist in carefully planning and allocating resources for the physical and technological upgrades of our facilities. This also extends to supporting the implementation of innovative educational tools and platforms that enhance learning and teaching experiences in our schools.

Regarding REBUILDING, my focus is on facilitating strong communication and collaboration within our administrative framework and between our district and the broader community. This involves ensuring that all stakeholders are well-informed and engaged in our collective efforts to enhance the educational environment in Flint.

Lastly, REPURPOSING for me signifies the importance of adaptive use of both our human and financial resources. It involves assisting in reallocating resources where they are most needed, ensuring that our budgetary and staffing decisions are always aligned with our strategic goals and the best interests of our students.

Through this integrated approach, I am committed to supporting our district in achieving a balance between administrative efficiency and financial efficacy. My goal is to ensure that every decision and action taken in my dual capacity contributes positively to building a district that is not only academically successful but also operationally sound and financially robust.

Melody Relerford

Ms. Melody Relerford

As a Trustee of the Flint Board of Education, I am deeply committed to the pillars of our Strategic Plan 2022-2027, focusing on RE-ENERGIZING, RENOVATING, REBUILDING, and REPURPOSING, with a specific emphasis on oversight and community involvement.

RE-ENERGIZING fosters a culture of enthusiasm and commitment within our educational community. This means supporting initiatives that inspire our students and staff alike, ensuring that every individual in our schools feels motivated and valued. My role involves advocating for programs and strategies that ignite this passion for education.

From a trustee's perspective, the RENOVATING aspect of our plan involves ensuring that our efforts to upgrade facilities and curriculum are both impactful and sustainable. My duty is to oversee these renovations, ensuring they align with our long-term educational goals and provide real value to our scholars’ learning experiences.

REBUILDING, for me, focuses on strengthening the trust and partnership between the Board of Education and the families we serve. As a Trustee, I am committed to being a bridge between the community and the board, ensuring that the voices of parents, scholars, and community members are heard and considered in our decisions.

Lastly, REPURPOSING represents a commitment to adaptability and resourcefulness. In my role, this means advocating for and overseeing the strategic use of our district’s resources to ensure they are being utilized in the most effective and efficient manner, always to enhance student learning and success.

As a Trustee, my role is to ensure that our strategic plan is not just a set of goals, but a living, evolving blueprint that guides our district towards excellence. By focusing on these four pillars, I am dedicated to helping create an educational environment that is dynamic, responsive, and consistently aligned with the best interests of our scholars and our community.

Terae King

Mr. Terae King, Jr

In my role as a Trustee of the Flint Board of Education, I am committed to a vision that aligns with our Strategic Plan 2022-2027 and pushes the boundaries of what we can achieve in terms of innovation and preparing for the future. Our focus on RE-ENERGIZING, RENOVATING, REBUILDING, and REPURPOSING is essential in this era of rapid technological and societal changes.

RE-ENERGIZING means injecting a spirit of innovation into every aspect of our educational system. This encompasses fostering a mindset of creativity and critical thinking among our students, encouraging our teachers to explore and adopt pioneering teaching methods, and ensuring that our curriculum is current and future-oriented.

In terms of RENOVATING, my emphasis is on transforming our learning environments to be more than just physically modern. I advocate for spaces that are flexible and adaptive, integrating technology seamlessly, and preparing our students for the digital world they will navigate as adults.

REBUILDING is about more than physical structures or systems; it's about reconstructing our approach to education to be more inclusive and globally oriented. This involves cultivating an educational ethos that appreciates diversity, promotes global awareness, and prepares students to be citizens of a connected world.

REPURPOSING, from my viewpoint, is crucial in ensuring that we are not just efficient in our use of resources but also visionary. It involves looking at our assets – be they financial, human, or material – and thinking creatively about how they can be leveraged to not just meet current needs but also anticipate and prepare for future challenges.

As a Trustee, my commitment is to ensure that our strategic planning is not just a roadmap for the present but a launchpad for the future. It’s about making sure that every step we take is a step towards an innovative, inclusive, and forward-thinking educational environment for every student in our district.