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Flint Community Schools: Strategic Plan 2022-27

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Dear Community Members,

My team and I are profoundly honored to present a revision of the 2017 – 2020 Strategic Plan for the Flint Community Schools. The former plan was designed during an earlier administration. Impressively, the more recent reinvention of the blueprint designed to guide the work of our district is the result of a dedicated amalgam of school leaders and other interested parties. It is noteworthy, as well, that district administrators, board members, parents, students, and community stakeholders have committed countless hours to thoughtful consideration of the approaches needed to transform our district into one that can leverage the strengths of a truly stellar team.

You will not be surprised to find that the challenges identified five years ago by Flint planners have yet to dissipate. On the contrary, they have evolved and, in some cases, become more urgent. The five Strategic Priorities identified by the 2017 strategic planning team remain as beacons that summon us to the work that must still be done if our children are to experience the success we so sincerely wish for all of them. As you read the plan, you will notice that we have taken advantage of the galaxy of possibilities, remembering that someone great once told us, “If my mind can conceive it and my heart can believe it, I know I can achieve it.” That sentiment, so aptly and artfully expressed by Jesse Jackson, has guided our work over the past year.

As you read the plan, you will notice that our planning sub-committees have not sought to erase the well-conceived
objectives and resulting strategies of the earlier planners. On the contrary, we salute their foresight and deliberation in providing a plan appropriate for the year it was developed. That plan served as our template, and respectfully, the same care that was employed to create that earlier plan was applied to the newly expanded rendition by expanding it and adding to the list of strategies. As a result, the newly completed plan stands as evidence of our understanding and acceptance that we are an ever-evolving community of both young and seasoned learners whose aspirations are achievable when we allow ourselves to dream big.

As the new superintendent of schools, I am grateful for the talented and diverse team of planners that balanced everyday responsibilities with the drive needed to complete this project and the heart to engage in out-of-the-box thinking.

Accordingly, as you explore the updated strategic plan, we remain optimistic that you will share our feelings of urgency and anticipation to begin the work of co-creating a school district worthy of our students’ most ambitious hopes and dreams.

Your Partner in Education,

Kevelin Jones, Superintendent