Flint Community Schools Renovation Updates

School Renovations and Infrastructure Updates

Flint Community Schools Renovations and Infrastructure

We are committed to keeping you updated every step of the way and invite you to be an active part of this exciting journey.

Together, we are not just renovating buildings; we are building a brighter future for our scholars, our staff, and our school communities.

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Construction Updates

School renovations and infrastructure updates detail current and planned renovation projects, including their timelines and objectives. These updates are intended to keep our community well-informed about the ongoing efforts to improve and modernize our school facilities, with a primary focus on enhancing the learning environments for our scholars and providing our staff with the resources they need to deliver the best educational experience.

These renovation projects are not just about physical improvements; they are a testament to our commitment to creating inspiring and safe spaces conducive to learning and growth. From upgrading classroom technologies to revamping communal areas, every aspect of the renovation is designed with the future of education in mind.

Key objectives of these renovations include:

  • Enhancing Learning Environments: Upgrading classrooms with new technologies and resources to support innovative teaching and learning practices.

  • Improving Accessibility: Ensuring that all areas of our schools are accessible to every student and staff member, aligning with our commitment to inclusivity and equal opportunity.

  • Safety and Security Upgrades: Implementing the latest safety measures to ensure a secure learning environment for all our scholars and staff.

  • Energy Efficiency and Sustainability: Incorporating eco-friendly designs and materials to reduce our environmental impact and foster sustainability within our community.

  • Community Spaces: Creating and improving areas where students, staff, and the community can gather, collaborate, and engage in educational and extracurricular activities.

Transformative Renovations

Brownell-Holmes Cube

Christopher Henderson  FCS Operations Director

Christopher Henderson

FCS Operations Director


Alan Velez, Facilities Manager

Alan Velez

Facilities & Maintenance Manager


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