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Professional Development

Investing in the growth and expertise of our staff is fundamental to achieving academic excellence. The Office of Academics is committed to providing robust professional development opportunities that empower educators to stay at the forefront of educational best practices. Through workshops, training sessions, and collaborative learning experiences, we support our staff in honing their skills, adapting to evolving educational landscapes, and delivering high-quality instruction.

Flint Community Schools Office of Academics Professional Development

Flint Community Schools Office of Academics: Professional Development Models

FCS offers numerous professional development models and formats to meet the needs of all instructional staff. These PD options include: job embedded, self paced, study groups, monthly content meetings, and district-wide full day offerings

1. Self-Paced Learning Options: Self-paced learning paths are ideal for educators seeking a flexible and individualized professional growth experience, enabling staff to learn and develop according to their own timetables and learning styles.

2. Study Groups: These groups are practical and relevant, focusing on applying strategies within the school environment, ensuring that learning is directly applicable and immediately beneficial.

3. Full-Day Offerings: Comprehensive sessions provide deeper exploration into various subjects, ranging from teaching methodologies to curriculum development strategies.

4. Monthly Content Meetings: Content-driven meetings are an excellent opportunity for continuous professional development, offering a platform for educators to discuss and share insights on key educational topics, trends, and resources.

5. Job Embedded Coaching: Instructional Specialists partner with teachers to deepen and enhance their understanding in the art of teaching and the science of learning.

Active participation and enthusiasm are essential to making the most of these opportunities and fostering a vibrant, learning-focused community within our schools.