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12-14-23 Brownell and Potter

Flint Community Schools Making Transformational Moves and Partnerships: Mott Foundation's $14 Million Grant Catalyzes Campus Renovation

Flint Community Schools Brownell - Holmes Renovations

The vision is coming to pass, and FCS is Reenergizing the Pride, Renovating the Plans, Rebuilding the Possibilities, and Repurposing for a Brighter Future! Let's Go, Flint! We are moving forward. Who's ready to catch the spirit and join us?

Public Notice

Flint, Michigan – In a significant development for Flint Community Schools, the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation has awarded a $14 million grant for the renovation of the Brownell STEM Academy and Holmes STEM Middle School campus, located in the city's northern area. At its regular board meeting on December 13, 2023, the Flint Board of Education approved the grant with a 6 to 1 vote. This substantial grant, along with an additional $26 million in federal Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief (ESSER) funds, represents a major milestone in the district's quest to create cutting-edge educational facilities.

FCS Superintendent Kevelin Jones expressed the importance of moving the district forward in his vision of "Reenergizing the Pride, Renovating the Plans, Rebuilding the Possibilities, and Repurposing for a brighter future!" Superintendent Jones also expressed gratitude for the Mott Foundation's support, acknowledging the significant changes the school district has undergone over the years. "This renovation is just the beginning of what we will do for our scholars and families, particularly in the Brownell-Holmes neighborhood," Jones stated, reflecting on the district's commitment to providing spaces that scholars are proud to attend every day.

The comprehensive renovation plan includes upgrading building façades, renovating the early childhood wing at Brownell, developing new playgrounds, replacing the running track, updating the football field, installing basketball courts, and constructing a new community hub, nicknamed "The Cube." The parking lot will also be rerouted to enhance access to The Cube and the early childhood wing.

Ridgway White, President and CEO of the Mott Foundation expressed his enthusiasm for the project, highlighting its potential to transform the existing buildings into an exhilarating campus overhaul. "This reimagined space will not only be safer and more conducive to teaching and learning but will also energize and make the campus more accessible to the community," White said. He emphasized the importance of providing Flint's children with an environment that ignites their imagination and creativity daily.

The Cube, a 5,000-square-foot multipurpose building, is a pivotal element of the renovation. It is envisioned as a flexible space for students, staff, and residents, usable throughout the school day and during extended hours. The facility is designed to host neighborhood meetings, adult education classes, recreational activities, services for seniors, and after-school programming. The Flint Center for Educational Excellence and the Brownell-Holmes Neighborhood Association will play key roles in supporting activities within The Cube.

Jeanette Edwards, President of the Brownell-Holmes Neighborhood Association, expressed excitement about the renovations' potential to stabilize and invigorate the neighborhood. "Flint has a rich history of community education, and these renovations will reinforce that legacy, providing our young people with a place that reflects our commitment to their educational pursuits," Edwards said.

With an ambitious goal to complete the renovations by spring 2025, Flint Community Schools is poised to enhance its educational infrastructure and create a vibrant community space where residents can gather, learn, and grow.

"The Mott Foundation is proud to be part of this transformative project," White concluded. "It's an opportunity to create a space that will be cherished by both the school and the neighborhood community for years to come."

This initiative symbolizes a new era for Flint Community Schools, where the focus is as much on building community as it is on academic excellence – a true testament to the power of collaboration and vision in shaping the future of education for FCS scholars, staff, and school communities.