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At Flint Community Schools, the Operations and Maintenance Department is steadfast in its commitment to providing a safe, efficient, and conducive learning environment for all our scholars and staff. Our ongoing efforts encompass a broad range of crucial activities, from building renovations to meticulous maintenance and the diligent operation of our school bus fleet.

Flint Community Schools Operations and Maintenance Department remain committed to enhancing the educational experience through effective stewardship of our facilities and transportation services. A well-maintained learning environment and reliable transportation are critical to the success of our scholars and the broader school community.

Purpose Statement

At Flint Community Schools, the purpose of the Operations and Maintenance Department is to steadfastly provide a safe, efficient, and supportive learning environment for all our scholars and staff. Our role is integral in ensuring that education's physical and logistical aspects are seamlessly managed, allowing our students and educators to focus on academic excellence and personal growth.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to maintain and enhance the educational experience by effectively stewarding the school district's facilities and transportation services. We are dedicated to ensuring that every aspect of our school environment, from the physical buildings to the buses that transport our scholars, is in optimal condition. This includes conducting building renovations, performing meticulous maintenance, and operating a safe and efficient school bus fleet.


Flint Community Schools Operations and Maintenance Department is deeply committed to creating and sustaining an environment that supports the academic success and well-being of our scholars and staff. Our goal is to ensure that the spaces where learning takes place are as inspiring, safe, and conducive to learning as the educational programs themselves.

Chris Henderson, Flint Community Schools Operations Director

Christopher Henderson

FCS Operations Director chenderson@flintschools.org

Alan Velez, Flint Community Schools Facilities & Maintenance Manager

Alan Velez

Facilities & Maintenance Manager avelez@flintschools.org

FCS is Renovating for the Future!

Flint Community Schools Renovations

Building a Brighter Future Through Modern Renovations

Welcome to our dedicated update page, where you can explore the latest developments in our ongoing journey to modernize and enhance Flint Community Schools. Here, we proudly showcase the progress of our extensive building renovations and construction updates, with photographs capturing each development phase.

Building Renovations for the Future

At Flint Community Schools, we recognize the critical importance of modern, well-equipped educational spaces in fostering a dynamic and effective learning environment. To this end, we have embarked on extensive renovation projects across several of our school buildings.

We invite you to check back regularly to see how these projects progress and to watch as we pave the way for a future filled with enhanced learning opportunities and environments conducive to educational success.

Stay Connected! Get more information regarding FCS Bids - Request for Proposals and current renovations projects.

Storm Water Compliance

NPDES Stormwater Discharge Regulatory Requirements for Public School Districts

The 1988 amendments to the Federal Clean Water Act required the USEPA to develop and enforce regulations to address the discharges of pollutants from “Non-Point Sources”. These regulations, known as the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES), regulate discharges of stormwater from specific entities.

Phase I became effective April 1, 1993, and regulated only large municipalities with a population in excess of 1,000,000 people. Phase II became effective April 1, 2003 and incorporated these requirements for both municipal and other public organizations, including public school districts, located within urbanized areas of more than 100,000 people.

Urbanized areas are defined as a land area comprising one or more places and the adjacent densely populated surrounding areas that have a residential population of at least 50,000 and an overall population density of at least 1,000 people per square mile.

The basin unit for delineating the Urbanized Area (UA) boundaries is the census block. Census blocks are based on physical boundaries such as a city block or political boundaries. Urbanized areas can be comprised of large areas such as counties and Indian reservations or smaller civil divisions (i.e. towns or townships). The current Urbanized Areas are determined based on the 2000 Census.

The State of Michigan has identified the following areas as meeting these requirements: Ann Arbor. Battle Creek, Bay City . Benton Harbor, St. Joseph, Detroit, Elkhart, Indiana - Michigan, Flint , Grand Rapids, Holland , Jackson, Kalamazoo, Lansing, Michigan City, Indiana - Michigan, Monroe, Muskegon, Port Huron, Saginaw, South Lyon, Howell, Brighton, South Bend, Indiana - Michigan, Toledo, Ohio - Michigan.

Above information courtesy of the following: NPDES Stormwater Discharge Regulatory Requirements for Public School Districts March 2012

Flint Community Schools Maintenance

Commitment to Safety and Comfort in Building Maintenance

Ongoing Building Maintenance for Safety and Comfort: Our team works tirelessly to maintain the integrity and safety of our school buildings. This includes routine inspections, repairs, and upgrades essential for the well-being of our students and staff. From HVAC systems ensuring comfortable temperatures to electrical and plumbing systems running smoothly, our maintenance activities are comprehensive and ongoing.

Safe and Reliable School Bus Operations

Flint Community Schools Bus Transportation Image

Flint Community Schools provides transportation for scholars residing outside the walk zone. All bus route information for our schools is now easily accessible! Staying informed about your child's transportation is just a click away.

The Operations and Maintenance Department at Flint Community Schools takes immense pride in managing the school bus operations, ensuring the safest and most reliable transportation for our scholars. The journey to and from school is an integral part of our students' daily routine, and we are dedicated to making it as secure and efficient as possible.

Regular Inspections and Maintenance Our fleet of school buses undergoes regular inspections and is meticulously maintained to adhere to the highest safety standards. This rigorous approach to maintenance ensures that every bus in our fleet is in optimal condition, prioritizing the safety of our scholars above all else.

Innovative Bus Route App for Families In our ongoing effort to enhance the transportation experience and provide peace of mind to parents and guardians, we are excited to offer a cutting-edge bus route app. This app allows you to track the real-time location of your child's bus and access important route information. Additionally, it provides a feature to print the bus stop information, ensuring you have all the necessary details at your fingertips.

We understand the trust you place in us to safely transport your children, and we are committed to upholding that trust daily. The Operations and Maintenance Department is not just about maintaining vehicles; it's about safeguarding our most precious passengers – our scholars.

Let's ensure a smooth and safe journey for our scholars to and from school. For any queries or assistance, feel free to reach out to us. For information on specific routes, please contact your child's school or the transportation department at (810) 776-0015.

We are committed to providing School Bus Operations that offer Safe and Reliable Transportation