Family Engagement Facilitators are at each school.  Parent meetings are scheduled weekly and monthly to keep parents informed about activities and services available to children participating in Title I programs.  The meetings are brief with refreshments, fun activities and prizes. 

Parent and Guardian Engagement Opportunities

Family Engagement Parent Meetings at Every School

Flint Community Schools emphasizes the vital role of parents and guardians in the educational process and encourages their active participation in various parent meetings. These meetings are open to all, including parents, guardians, and significant adults in the scholars' lives. They serve as a platform for gathering valuable information, networking with other families, offering mutual support, and getting involved in their child's school.

Everyone is welcome to attend any of the parent meetings.

The meetings are a great way to get valuable information, network with other families, support one another, and get involved with your child's school.

​Meetings are held on different days of the week, and at other times, please check with your Family Engagement Facilitator for your school's Parent Meeting schedule.

​All parents, guardians, and significant adults in our students' lives are invited to our Parent Meetings. 

Fostering Success: The Crucial Role of Parent and Guardian Engagement at Flint Community Schools

Education is a collaborative effort, and at Flint Community Schools, parents and guardians are recognized as integral partners in their child's academic journey. As a child's first teacher, parents play a pivotal role in shaping their educational experience. Title I, a program dedicated to enhancing educational opportunities, actively supports parents and guardians in their involvement and preparation to support their child's education inside and outside the classroom.

Flint Community Schools welcomes parents and guardians to participate actively in their child's educational journey.

The district stands ready to assist in any way necessary, recognizing that when families, schools, and communities unite in partnership, students internalize the importance of education, fostering an environment where every child can thrive and succeed.

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Meet the Family Engagement Facilitator at your child's School

Brownell STEM Academy (K-2)

Alfreda Jefferson, Family Engagement Facilitator

Doyle/Ryder Elementary School (K-6) 

Kathy Roberts, Family Engagement Facilitator 

Durant-Tuuri-Mott Elementary School (K-6)

Linda Hopkins, Family Engagement Facilitator

Eisenhower Elementary School (K-6)  

Vacant, Family Engagement Facilitator

Freeman Elementary School (K-6)

Alison Clemons, Family Engagement Facilitator.

Holmes STEM Middle School Academy (6-8)

Vacant, Family Engagement Facilitator

Neithercut Elementary (K-6) 

Vacant, Family Engagement Facilitator.

Pierce Elementary School (K-6) 

Queda Wright, Family Engagement Facilitator

Potter Elementary School (K-7) 

Williameon Salter, Family Engagement Facilitator

Accelerated Learning Academy (7-12)

Sharondra Foard (Smith), Family Engagement Facilitator.

Southwestern Classical Academy (9-12)

Margaret Miller, Family Engagement Facilitator

We're Hiring Family Engagement Facilitators