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Flint Community Schools: Public Notices

To the valued families, staff, and community members of Flint Community Schools:

We are committed to maintaining transparency and open communication with our community. In this spirit, we provide regular public notices to inform you about significant developments, decisions, and events within our school district.

These notices encompass a wide range of topics, including but not limited to:

  • Flint Board of Education Meetings: Dates, times, and agendas for upcoming board meetings, as well as minutes from past meetings.

  • Policy Changes: Information on any proposed or enacted changes to district policies, ensuring that our community is aware of how these changes may affect our students and schools.

  • Transparency Reporting - Budget and Financial Reports: Updates on the district’s financial status, including budget proposals, financial reports, and audits.

  • Health and Safety Updates: Important information regarding health and safety protocols, particularly in response to ongoing public health concerns.

  • Community Engagement Events: Announcements about parent meetings, forums, and other events where community members can engage with school leaders and share their thoughts and concerns.

  • Educational Programs and Initiatives: News about new or revised educational programs, extracurricular activities, and special initiatives aimed at enhancing scholar learning and success.

  • School Renovations and Infrastructure Updates: Details on current and planned renovation projects, including timelines and objectives. These updates are aimed at keeping the community informed about the ongoing efforts to improve and modernize our school facilities for the benefit of our scholars, staff and school community.

We encourage all members of our community to stay informed and involved. Your engagement and support are crucial to the success of our scholars and the strength of our schools.

We are building a stronger, more vibrant educational community in Flint. Thank you for your continued support and participation.