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Transparency Statement: Flint Community Schools Annual Education Report

To the Parents, Guardians, and Community Members of Flint Community Schools,

As part of our ongoing commitment to transparency and open communication, we are pleased to present the Flint Community Schools Annual Education Report. This report is a comprehensive overview of our district's educational performance, including achievements, challenges, and the steps we are taking to continuously improve the quality of education we provide.

The Annual Education Report reflects our dedication to not only maintaining high educational standards but also to fostering an environment of continuous improvement. We believe that an informed and engaged community is essential to the success of our schools and students.

We encourage all members of the Flint Community Schools community to review this report. Your feedback, insights, and involvement are invaluable as we work together to provide the best possible educational experience for our scholars.

Click on the link to view the district and each school's education report.

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