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Bridging Gaps in Teacher Education

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Flint Community Schools Provides An Innovative Alternative Pathways Program for Aspiring Teachers and opportunities for expanding certifications for Existing Teachers.

Flint Community Schools has an Alternative Pathways Program for aspiring and existing teachers, a visionary project designed to transform the teacher recruitment and training landscape. This program is a beacon of hope for individuals aspiring to enter the teaching profession, particularly those who have faced systemic barriers in achieving their educational and professional goals. But it also provides our existing teaching staff certification opportunities to expand their teaching career!

At the heart of the Alternative Pathways Program is a commitment to equity and accessibility. Our mission is to open doors for future educators who might have thought those doors were closed to them. The opportunities provided recognize the diverse challenges faced by aspiring teachers and our existing teaching staff to future their certification aspirations– from financial hurdles to balancing education with other life commitments.

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Become a Certified Teacher or Expand Your Teaching Career!

Talent Together seeks to provide equitable access and opportunity to the teaching profession by eliminating barriers and providing multiple levels of support to ensure candidates can complete a high-quality teacher preparation program.

Additional information on Talent Together and using this opportunity to gain certification, or additional endorsements, can be found at the following website: mitalenttogether.org

Currently accepting interest forms. The 2024 cohort application will open on January 15th. If you want to apply to Talent Together, please complete an interest form. Please note this form is not an application. Talent Together will notify you when the 2024 cohort application opens. In the meantime, we encourage you to visit their website regularly for program updates.

  •  No stipends or bonuses are paid out to participants from Talent Together.

  • Talent Together will:

    • Reimburse colleges/universities directly for the cost of tuition for program participants.

    • Reimburse participants for textbooks (up to $750/academic year) and will reimburse them for a new laptop (one-time up to $500).

Informational Meeting with Talent Together on January 9th @4:30 pm

Learn more at the informational meeting on January 9th at 4:30 pm at the following link: Google Meet Link.

For additional information, please contact:

Accepting Interest Forms - Due by January 15th

Register with Talent Together and complete the Interest Form at the following link: Talent Together, the application link will be sent to all individuals who complete the Interest Form via email on January 15th. 

Directions for completing the Interest Form.